• Company History

Founded in 2005 by Ms Michelle Jardim, Ms Karin Sfreddo and Mr Sandro Sfreddo.  Since then expanded from only Religious Pilgrimages to include School Tours.

  • What the company does

Micasa Tours supplies all travel related services to its clients who participate on any of their Pilgrimages or school tours in a cost effective and professional manner.  Being a sister company of Vacations Unlimited, Micasa Tours cc benefits by being affiliated to a fully accredited IATA Travel Agency.  Vacations Unlimited operates in the Travel and Tourism industry and is fully endorsed by ASATA (Association of South African Travel Agents).


  • Vision statement

To be the BEST Religious and School Tours Operator in Southern Africa to work for and partner with.

  • Mission Statement

Micasa Tours endeavour to form life-long partnerships by supplying accurate, cost effective and professional travel advice and services to all our clients.

  •  Values

Micasa Tours operates under a Code of Conduct as prescribed by ASATA, IATA and local laws.

  • Business goals and objectives

To remain profitable and at the same time competitive in the arena we operate in.  Expand staff knowledge and transfer skills to as many aspiring travel specialists as possible.

  • Our philosophy
    • Best People

To attract, develop and retain the best people in all our chosen skill sets

    • Partner for life

To develop lifelong mutually beneficial partnerships with both our customers and service providers

    • Service Excellence

To ensure excellent, professional planning and execution in all we do

    • Sustainable transformation

Transform and manage diversity effectively

    • Profitable Growth

To grow in a sensible way in the best interest of our shareholders

Business concept

  • Business concept

Micasa Tours supplies travel services, which include all travel related products and advice to its clients.  We help our clients understand the complexities and challenges encountered in an ever changing environment.  We draw from global best practices and hands-on experience to craft solutions and drive their practical implementation.

  • Services
    • Domestic and international airline tickets;
    • Domestic and international car rental;
    • Domestic and international accommodation;
    • Conference organizing;
    • Religious and School Tours Worldwide;
    • Visa assistance where possible;
    • Professional travel advice;
    • Comprehensive Travel Insurance;
    • Rack and customized tour packages; and
    • Miscellaneous tickets (theater, rail, coach, ferry etc.)
  • Products
    • Micasa Tours/Vacations Unlimited is an authorized agent for all airlines which operate within the South African BSP mandate;
    • Micasa Tours hold long standing accounts with all major car rental companies within South Africa and certain which operate abroad;
    • Micasa Tours/Vacations Unlimited hold long standing accounts with most major hotel groups and or chains as well as some smaller independent establishments;
    • Micasa Tours have the mandate to sell but not advise on all Travel Insurance related products. This as stipulated by legislation;
    • Literature, books and pamphlets are available in store of all major local tour operator;
  • Business competitiveness

Micasa Tours is a privately owned Travel Management Company which is celebrating its 17th Anniversary in 2022.  This gives the management staff a lot of data and insight on how the industry has evolved over the past decade, giving Micasa Tours an insight of where it came from and where it’s going to.  Also being a member of CLUB TRAVEL and the Travelstart Group through our affiliation with Vacations Unlimited, they benefit from numerous discounted rates from an array of different service providers which in turn is passed onto the consumer which are our clients.

Ms K Sfreddo, a current shareholder and member has been with Vacations Unlimited for over 40 years in various positions and titles.  This clearly shows that the company retains knowledge and staff vital for the company to progress into the future.

  • Qualifications & Accreditations
    • All Travel Specialists are fully qualified and trained “travel consultants” all with a minimum of 5 years experience;
    • Micasa Tours/Vacations Unlimited is a fully accredited IATA travel agency with security bonds held by IATA in case of default;
    • Full ASATA Retail Membership since the day ASATA was established. Vacations Unlimited was a founding member of ASATA and IATA Southern Africa.
  • Service pledge

Micasa Tours pledge to provide travel services to all its clients in a professional manner, error & hassle free and in a cost effective way within the time frame provided.

  • Business model

Micasa Tours operate as a travel company from one centralized office, conveniently positioned between many Embassies and Consulates in Pretoria.  Ample secure parking is available for any of our clients who wish to visit our offices.

Past & Current customers & projects

  • References
    • Fr. Townsend 082 783 4729
    • Mrs Iris Pillay 031 314 2663
    • Fr. Molapo 072 155 2913

Trading Terms

Our full set of Terms and conditions can be found on our website